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Handmade Italian Bicycle Co
Old Bici is doing it right — exceptionally designed, small batch bicycles and parts, handmade from the finest, most eco-friendly materials, right in the heart of Milan.
Responsive Web Design is a necessity.
A responsive design means that your website is designed to look and function great on any screen size and device. In 2014, 60 percent of web access was from a mobile device, and yet only about 3 percent of websites are considered properly responsive. With hundreds of different devices available to access a website, web design has progressed beyond mobile-specific layouts, which is structurally limiting. Designed with consideration for touch devices, load time, a website should prioritize mobile and display the most legible fonts, never exceeding the margins of the browser window or device.
Redlands Responsive Design
For Global Art & Design Project
We worked with great friends of the org Noel Shiveley and Austin, TX's Industry Print Shop to crank out these awesome soft cotton t-shirts. Pick up one of these here in the shop.
Nelson Mandela Education Nelson Mandela Education Nelson Mandela Education
New Script Logo
A continuous labor of love, we're working on updating the identity for our 501c3 side project, Artdept (Global Art & Design Project). We worked with Pasadena typographer Noel Shiveley to create this friendly new script font. More updates to come.
Art Dept Hand Script Art Dept Hand Script Art Dept Hand Script